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ADI Design Index 2019 selects Jointed

Jointed selezionato da ADI Design Index 2019
Jointed selezionato da ADI Design Index 2019

Jointed has been selected from ADI Design Index 2019.

The Permanent Observatory of Design ADI, Association for Industrial Design, has selected JOINTED, for the publication on the ADI DESIGN INDEX 2019.
L’ADI Design Index 2019 brings together all pre-selected products for the Compasso d’Oro 2020 Award, the most prestigious recognition of the production quality and excellence of Italian design.
 The annual selection is conducted by more than 100 experts, according to exclusive merit criteria. In the first place in selection, the quality of the project and the social responsibility of design. “It is not enough to ‘know how to do’M. but it is necessary to evaluate‘whether to do” stresses the Permanent Observatory of Design of ADI.

JOINTED is the collection, designed by Massimo nadalini in 2018, symbol of the Mosaic+ revolution; a collection in which the mosaic goes beyond the decoration and the traditional concept of mosaic. Jointed is a proposal that exceeds the modularity of the card and its repetitiveness on the surface thanks to the possibility to dissect every single element in 5 different ways. In jointed the 5×5 cm tile is engraved with a graphic sign, which allows to define 5 different types of decoration.