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ADI Design Index 2020 selects Mist and P-saico

ADI selects Mist and P-saico

ADI Design Index 2020 selects Mist and P-saico

They join JOINTED design Massimo Nadalini, in the list of products selected over the years by ADI for the ADI Design Index.

We are happy to announce that Mist_design Kensaku Oshiro and P-saico_design Studio Irvine have been selected and inserted into ADI Design Index 2020 – becoming eligible for the 27th Compasso D’Oro.

MIST_design Kensaku Oshiro

“The laws of visual perception, and the pattern’s visual order, are manipulated in a kind of trompe l’oeil, giving the surface a more seamless continuity through space.Thanks to the different joint sizes, two orders of elements – one horizontal and the other vertical – are visually overlapped on two levels; which one the eye perceives will depend on the viewpoint. Just as the fog suspended in air reveals its form, Mist unveils new ways of reading a surface within its spatial dimension, enriched by an innovative sense of depth.”

_Kensaku Oshiro

P-SAICO_design Studio Irvine

“We generally envisage mosaic as installed in a uniform geometrical pattern, with joints almost always exactly the same width. P-saico is a fresh mosaic concept in which only the rectangular chip shape is uniform, while the overall look of the installation is irregular.”

_Marialaura Rossiello Irvine

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