Catalogs 2020: alphabets of colors and matters.

Catalogs 2020: alphabets of colors and matters.


Interior language is formed by the relationship among materials. Mosaico+ discloses this affinity through Colors, the general catalog dedicated to architects and interior designers.

For a straightforward understanding of the relationship, Mosaico+ developed 10 color families that congregate the various matters: a chromatic chart to guide the construction of every interior design project.


Mosaico+ depicts the interaction among materials through an alphabet of matters and colors – that is the base for every project – overcoming decoration, interpreting the proposal’s needs and complying its peculiarities, highlighting the essence of each matter. This narrative is disclosed through Materials, the general catalog addressed to showrooms and distributors.

Materials gathers all the collections, that are internally organized in 10 color families to ensure an immediate identification: White+Grey+Black; Neutral; Brown; Powder; Yellow; Red; Pink+Violet; Blue; Turquoise; Green.