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Cersaie 2018 recap

Mosaico+ at Cersaie 2018: recap

Cersaie 2018, what an experience!

After one week of Cersaie 2018′ end, we want to relive some moments of the kermesse.
It’s been a great experience:
1. we celebreted our 10th birthday,
2. we usher in new corporate identity,
3. we launched two new products, Jointed and Diamond, which made us win ADI (Industrial Design Association) Ceramic and Bathroom 2018 award,
4. we met so many people like never before.

Now we just have to thank all those who visited us in Bologna and overall those who contributed to our success at Cersaie:

  • the direction of Mapei for trusting the project
  • the direction and colleagues of Mosaico+ for the tireless work
  • the creative director Massimo Nadalini for the vision
  • the press office Fabio Luciani Comunicazione for the public relations
  • the graphic design studio Punto Immagine for the creative support
  • the web agency Studio il Granello for coding
  • the architect Benta Wiley for the booth
  • the rigger Punto Expo for problem solving
  • the video maker Corrado Ravazzini for the nights on the job
  • the printer Grafiche Pioppi for timeliness
  • the installers Edil Cesa for precision
  • the catering service Event Experience for the delicious biscuits
  • the cantina Ferghettina for the excellent Franciacorta
  • the masters Mosaicisti Moruzzi for their art
  • the translaters Interlanguage
  • the gadget providers Italgraf and Imago et Inventum
  • UPM Modena and Spallanzani Tecnolegno for panels
  • BolognaFiere for all provided services

Thanks for initiative, savvy, and exceptional teamwork.

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