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Cersaie 2019

ADI booth design award 2019

Our journey into the evolution of a new mosaic concept continues. Mosaico+ brings to Cersaie 2019 four new collections, with different sizes, shapes and materials, developed by Mosaico+ Creative Director Massimo Nadalini, coordinating the work of designers Marialaura Rossiello for Studio Irvine and Kensaku Oshiro.

The crucial new features include the potential for using mosaic on the floor as well as on other surfaces, as the new materials offered are very resistant and withstand foot traffic.

In-depth study and experimentation focusing on the meaning of the word “mosaic” in its broadest, most contemporary sense. Mosaic is transformed into a pattern, something we conventionally view as “small”, which is processed, subdivided, modified and finally multiplied until it is completely integrated with what were once the joints between pieces, in a seamless surface.

What do we mean by small?

Cersaie 2019 | Bologna, Italy
Mosaico+ has been assigned with the ADI Award for best stand of Cersaie 2019
Category: Minimal
Design: Lo Studio Design