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Cut-up design CARDO + Massimo Nadalini


Cut-up design CARDO + Massimo Nadalini

Imperfection, industrial, composition

Cut-up is a literary technique born with dadaism, widely used since the 1960s by William Borroughs and Brion Gysin and, later, by various contemporary artists such as David Bowie and Thom Yorke. Cut-up consists in physically cutting a written text, leaving intact words or entire sentences; by mixing the various fragments, the author makes up a new text, which always maintains a logical sense – although sometimes incomprehensible.

“As in the literary cut-up technique, we started from the finished work – that is, the original plates made by CARDO with Marianna Costi, in which different portions of matter and juxtaposed textures coexist.
We dissected the slabs into portions that incorporated only small details of the finished work, and then generated modules with a selection of these fragments.
Those who install the material are unconsciously writing a new story, generated by the random composition of the modules.

He worked for Quinta Colonna and ATER Emilia-Romagna, for Max Mara and Max&Co, Marina Rinaldi and Sportmax for Studio Blanco, Fendi and Roberto Cavalli. He’s been published on D Donna, Marie Clair, Elle Decor, Living Inside and Season Living.
In 2010 he opened CARDO, a laboratory dedicated to the investigation of vegetable matter interfaced with different materials, to the custom production of objects, compositions, settings and installations for events or private requests.
He collaborated with Marianna Costi – a multifaceted artist and architect who works as a sculptress, photographer and painter.

Co-founder and product&communication manager for Brix – a pioneer company in the field of surfaces for architecture – Massimo began his career as Creative Director and R&D consultant in 2015.

He has been responsible for Decoratori Bassanesi rebranding project and collaborates with Mosaico+ since 2018 as its
Creative Director.

Massimo curates both designer recruitment and product R&D for the companies he works with, selecting numerous personalities such as: Jean Marie Massaud, Vincent Van Duysen, Nendo, Claudio Silvestrin, Paola Navone, Sebastian Herkner, Guglielmo Poletti, Andrée Putman, L+R Palomba, Naoto Fukasawa, Michael Anastassiades, Lex Pott, Piet Hein Eek, Keiji Takeuchi.

He developed various products for Brix, Decoratori Bassanesi and Mosaico+.