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Loom design Studio Irvine

Memories, knitting, trousseau

30 sheets, 30 tablecloths, 60 towels of different sizes, 10 assorted bedspreads and blankets. Hundreds of doilies. All meticulously embroidered, sewn, assembled with different techniques: crochet, bobbin lace, knitting, cutwork… techniques that I learned to absorb in childhood by observing the work of the women in my family who came together to embroider. Painstaking work, like that of a real designer, where every millimetre was examined, threaded and unthreaded.

“So when I was 5 years old, my trousseau was already prepared: two full wardrobes just waiting for my wedding. After 30 years, I married an Englishman who hated sleeping on embroidery. He used to say he hated waking up with flower tattoos on his face. And who could blame him?
Of all the types of embroidery, I always liked the open stitch: understated and discreet, ending in stripes on linen and cotton fabrics.
And so I finally opened my wardrobes and the Loom for Mosaico+ collection emerged, an industrial product made from cuttings from my trousseau: enlarged or shrunk and assembled and embossed on full-body porcelain stoneware, with a herringbone cut. The size is 70x12cm with 12 cuts; once laid and filled with plaster, it produces a random three-dimensional effect of embroidered strips.
Loom is a random assembly of memories and tradition. Dedicated to the women of my family.

Studio Irvine is a design studio based in Milan and run by the architect Marialaura Rossiello Irvine.

Founded in 1988 by British designer James Irvine (1958-2013), the studio remains faithful to his design approach and method in a combination of irony and precision. Based on the idea of design inspired by attention to ethics, the ‘human factor’ and personal interaction, Marialaura Rossiello is instilled with a vision in constant evolution, rooted in the classics of the Italian design school but with a broader international outlook.

For a number of years, she collaborated with Italian design brands, and grew accustomed to consider the product within a comprehensive corporate process. In 2011 she became partner of Studio Irvine, where industrial products were the throbbing heart of design. Today her work is distinctively cross-disciplinary with a great curiosity towards all types and scales of design projects: product, interior and strategic design, with clients such as Muji, Yamakawa, Thonet, Offecct, Amorim, Matteo Brioni, Baleri Italia, Forma&Cemento and others.