Shaping Mosaics

Rethinking the mosaic form, no longer in the traditional figurative terms but as an element in the construction of a pattern which amplifies the vibration of matter itself.

A new approach to the very concept of coverings, overcoming the limitations of decorations and image to become a creative tool for architects and interior designers.


Material, form and color

The new Mosaico+ is a brand in which different kinds of matter engage and interact: an alphabet of colours and material, for juxtaposition in design projects.

An evolution that is really a radical transition: a new interior design brand, superseding a merely decorative role, able to respond to the project’s needs, support its specific identity and enhance the essence of materials, with the aid of original combinations, harmonious integrations and dynamic overlappings.

Colour and tactile beauty.


Free to create

Mosaico+ embarks on its second decade with the desire to consolidate its relations with architects by reaching beyond standard solutions and partnering them in designing a dedicated project for every specific context.


Product personalisation and the customisation of solutions are two specific characteristics which mark the continuity of this adventure, and find their highest expression in the Mosaico+ Projects Division at Carpacco (Udine, Italy).

This centre, located in the strategic hub of the Italian mosaic tradition, is where all the customised compositions, special projects, and the assembly of mosaics are undertaken by hand, thanks to the finely honed skills of master craftsmen.

A world of values

Mosaico+ is proud of a production system, which combines innovative techniques, experimentation and cultural knowledge of mosaics; a unique experience, which signifies originality, attention to details and the ability to recognise and create beauty.

Mosaico+ belongs to the Mapei Group, sharing in the values, business expertise and organisational and technical support this world leader in adhesives, sealants and chemical products for construction has to offer.

A state-of-the art business philosophy, in which innovation and continuous investments in research and development make up the daily routine, plotting a path which prioritises environmental protection, health safeguards and putting people first.