Mosaico+ Doro


Glass and gold mosaic consisting of square chips – 4 mm thick, not perfectly rightangled and in sizes 10×10, 15×15 and 20×20 mm – with a 24-carat gold foil (thin film of gold) applied, protected by a layer of glass.

The chips are mounted on glass fibre mesh to form a sheet of 327×327 mm in which the chips are about 0.9, 1.4 and 1.9 mm apart respectively.

The Doro collection is available in 2 finishes, “a pavimento” and “a rivestimento” *.

*In the “a pavimento” finish, the gold foil applied to the back, underneath the glass layer, gives the mosaic a striking effect of depth. In the “a rivestimento” finish, the gold foil is left on the surface, for a more compact, tactile look.

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