Mosaico+ Legno


Hardwood mosaic comprising square chips 8 mm thick, in size 23×23 and 23×48 mm*, mounted on glass fibre mesh to form a sheet of 300×300 mm in which the chips are about 2 mm apart. The top of the wooden mosaic chip consists of 4 mm of solid hardwood, while the bottom part comprises 4 mm of material made from regenerated polymers and wood fibre from environment-friendly sources.

The two sections are glued together using a dual component polyurethane adhesive resistant to water, heat and a large number of chemicals. The characteristics of the technical substrate reflect the absolute prioritisation of the environment and safety: formaldehyde-free; fire resistant (class E1); dimensional and structural strength and stability; resistant to flowing water, as on the walls of shower enclosures. Not resistant to continuous immersion.There are 5 types of hardwood available: Oak, Bleached Oak, Doussié, Canaletto Walnut and Wengé. The chips are designed and produced in Italy. The joints in the material must be filled with an epoxy grout. Since this is a natural product, variations in shade are one of its intrinsic characteristics.

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