Quilt is produced as a 9x9cm square of through-body porcelain stoneware scored so that a segment can be broken off from the rest of the material after grouting.

Quilt is available in three base shades: Chalk, Clay and Mud.
Each colour is available in smooth and structured (raw) variants.
The range includes variants in which the detachable segment is in different colours: Ochre, Cameo and Sugar Paper for Quilt Chalk, Mud for Quilt Clay and Slate for Quilt Mud.
The 9×9 cm squares can be installed in a regular pattern to create a sequence of geometrical figures, or unevenly in a contemporary form of Venetian Seminato.
In random layouts, we recommend use of 50% wholecolour Quilt and 50% coloured segment version.
The product must be installed with a 3 mm joint between modules, with the aid of the spacers supplied in the pack.


Laying Patterns