mosaic gets right-angles

14 Apr 2017

From George Nelson's fabrics to the functionalism of Charles and Ray Eames: mosaic gets right-angles


The new Fabric collection is inspired by American Modernism, from the structural purity of George Nelson's design work through the functionalism found in the creations of Charles and Ray Eames. 


With the same revolutionary impetus which made furniture into design objects, sweeping away embellishment to focus on primary function, Fabric defines spaces by drawing perpendicular trajectories, creating a pattern of hypothetical structural lines.


Fabric is more architecture than accessory, more primary function than ornament, more daring statement than fine detail.


Interwoven straight and perpendicular lines that merge design and interior decoration in a minimalist style, both practical and essential.


The impression is that of a hand-woven fabric, in which warp and weft of shiny and matt materials, in contrasting or matching shades, create a texture of variable density.


Fabric is rhythm, enhancing the space of small rooms and exalting the volumes of large interiors.


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