Nacre collection

Nacre collection

gioielli di luce unici e inimitabili

10 Oct 2017

Nacre is a natural mother-of-pearl mosaic with a delicate, exquisite appearance: a real gem and an ideal addition to an elegant, tasteful interior. Its name derives from the Latin ‘nacrum’, used to describe a white substance with iridescent glints. 

The mother-of-pearl from which it is made is a highly prized material, taken from the lining of the shells of different types of molluscs: it consists of almost 100% calcium carbonate crystal (aragonite) and a minimal organic content (conchiolin), which binds all the aragonite crystals together to form a very solid material. The unusual surface iridescence is caused by the diffraction of the light on the tiny aragonite crystals. 

This exquisite material is obtained from shells mainly found in the oceans of Asia and Oceania: white and gold mother-of-pearl comes from the Indian Ocean to the south of Indonesia, black mother-of-pearl from Tahiti, Abalone from the seas around New Zealand, and Penguin from Hainan island, to the south of China. Shells vary in shape and size, and their interiors have natural colours and iridescence refined to an infinite variety of tints and highlights by the water and the light that filters into the sea. Nacre is a mosaic completely hand-made in a very lengthy process: after initial puncturing, sorting, washing and cleaning

of the shells comes a second, more important phase in which the lamina obtained from the inside of the shell is cut, sanded and smoothed. Diamond tools are then used to shape the parts produced by the cutting process, after which these parts are polished, glued onto a glass fibre mesh backing and, finally, waxed to give the final product a protective film and enhance its brightness and shine. This product’s natural origin means that the mosaic is unusually thin, but it is still able to guarantee excellent properties in terms of hardness and bending strength.

Naturally exquisite, glossy and beautiful, the material is in the genuine shades of natural mother-of-pearl.

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